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Moving motivators: CHAMPFROGS

Introduction I remember few days ago facilitating a training on the agile mindset. Part of this training is discovering management 3.0 principles and practices. One of the practices that I like to experiment with the trainees is called moving motivators. When I have asked the participants, what was their principal motivation, some of them

Moving motivators: CHAMPFROGS2021-11-22T17:27:15+01:00


Introduction The practice was first introduced by Jurgen Appello in his book: how to change the world, change management 3.0. What does it take to change the world? How can you change a social complex system? It only takes 34 questions to find the answers. Originally published in Jurgen Appelo’s, How to Change the

CHANGE MANAGEMENT 3.02021-11-22T17:24:29+01:00

KUDOS CARDS: The power of gratitude

Introduction A well renowned study by Google discovered the 5 keys to a successful team. Number one is Psychological safety. Today, I would like to share with you a very simple Management 3.0 practice that has been dramatically impactful for the teams I have worked with. First, let's explain the Practice Some companies call

KUDOS CARDS: The power of gratitude2021-11-16T17:09:18+01:00

Management 3.0: Redefining Leadership

Management 3.0 : Redefining Leadership   As an agile coach and a scrum trainer, I often get the question from new agile practitioners: where is the management role in the Scrum framework? Or, are agile frameworks marking the end of management? For a long time, I answered this question by emphasizing decentralized decision-making and

Management 3.0: Redefining Leadership2021-11-13T01:14:32+01:00

Personal maps: « Music happens between the notes… Trust happens between meetings. »

Introduction I have first been introduced to mind maps in 2015 while following a mind maps, speed reading, and memory training program. The mind maps were first popularized by British popular psychology author Tony Buzan in his book “Mind Map Mastery”. First, let's explain the Practice The concept is very simple, A mind map

Personal maps: « Music happens between the notes… Trust happens between meetings. »2021-09-07T16:55:32+01:00