As a scrum trainer, I facilitate the Lego4Scrum workshop during my scrum sessions.

This workshop is very powerful to practice the three pillars of scrum :

Inspection 🧐 Transparency ⛳️ Adaptation 🪂

– Plan 🗺

– Do 🏗

– Check 🧩

– Act ⚡️

The workshop is an excellent team-builder and reinforces the crucial importance of communication.

About the game


The aim of the simulation is to achieve the best possible value for the users of your product, in other terms, the settlers and visitors. The survival of the settlement depends on the team’s working together towards the same goal.

While playing the Lego4Scrum business simulation, the team will go through:

  • an explanation of the simulation’s agreements;
  • the envisioning of the product with a draft user story map and product backlog;
  • Release planning and more backlog refinements with the use of agile estimation techniques;
  • the series of rituals to enhance the learning process: planning, execution of iterations with continuous integration and delivery in mind, analysis of outcome of each team and evaluation; conclusions and recommendations for improvement.

What you’ll learn

During the business simulation, you will learn how to:

  • Challenge the requirements of the customer and various stakeholders in a trustworthy and engaging manner.
  • Keep a user story map updated to ensure you are driven by value in your product development.
  • Communicate what is to be done in an iteration in order to ensure shared involvement and accountability within teams.
  • Manage interdependencies between teams to fuel prioritization of work items and continuous integration.
  • Develop transparency with information radiator boards.
  • Track your progress and address identified issues in retrospective rituals.

Your Facilitator

Alae-Eddine KRIBII has worked and lived in more than 6 countries (France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Canada, Netherlands, and Morocco) for 7 years working for major multi-national organizations. Natural servant-leader and passionate about agile mindset, he has developed his international experiences deep expertise in change management. Alae-Eddine work focuses on people (teams, managers, and stakeholders) engagement, inclusion, and happiness in order to deliver the highest performance as well as the best customer-centric value.


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